Steven Tyler is one busy man -- recording a new Aerosmith album, planning a big summer tour, and starring on TV's top rated show 'American Idol.'

As if that weren't enough, now he's found time to talk about ... nipples. Well, one in particular: that of Tyler's 'Idol' co-star Jennifer Lopez, who had a near-mishap in the wardrobe department on Oscar night.

It seems the dress worn by Miss Lopez to the Academy Awards show was a bit revealing and caused a debate about whether or not she'd inadvertently shown a little too much skin -- a topic brought to the table when Tyler appeared on Monday night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Jimmy asked Steven to look at a photo of Lopez from the awards ceremony and weigh in on the controversy. "I will so inspect this because I know exactly what you are talking about," Tyler said.

And after giving the picture a studied glance, he concluded there was no nip in sight. "That would not be it, that's not it," he said, adding, "Aereolas are us! I went to that school!"

Later on, Tyler talked about his first "spiritual moment" when, at age 9, he "saw this place in the woods, where the sun was coming through and it was an area where there was ledge and moss was growing on it. It was so quiet in there I thought I heard something called children of the woods ... it was my first, all jokes aside here, spiritual moment. And I've always been writing songs to try and get back to that moment."

Nipples and spiritual awakenings? A man for the ages, indeed.

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