Wednesday was Queen Night on 'American Idol.' (And no, we don't mean RuPaul performed.) So did Steven Tyler manage to keep his dinner down? Let's find out.

Not only did the 'Idol' finalists take on songs the group made famous with the unparalleled vocal talents of Freddie Mercury, but Roger Taylor and Brian May were there to give their blessing and perform with the young singers. So depending on your viewpoint, they were either encouraging up-and-coming performers or they were desecrating Freddie's memory. Or both.

Steven did get sassy, but it was directed at J. Lo, not the contestants. After Phillip Phillips did 'Fat Bottomed Girls,' Steven began his critique by saying, "The bigger the cushion ... the bigger the cushion,” and glanced sideways at Jennifer. When she laughed and asked why he was looking at her, Tyler smirked.

"Honey, don’t you start with me now," he shot back, and between that and the leopard-print fan he was waving around, all he was missing was the bob of a chicken neck to make us think maybe RuPaul was there after all.

When the singers finished doing their bit with Queen (which really could've gone a whole lot worse), they each did a song of their choice.

After rock chick Elise did Jimi Hendrix's 'Bold as Love,' Steven said he liked it but gently scolded her for choosing a song a lot of viewers don't know. When she expressed surprise that not everyone would be familiar with it, he said, "You can't pick your cherries with your back to the tree." Which we think was his way of reminding Elise that the teenaged girls who do most of the voting on 'Idol' typically don't know classic rock that hasn't been covered on a 'Shrek' soundtrack.

See you Thursday night.