A 30-second clip of 'She Smells So Nice,' a tune recorded by the Doors for 'L.A. Woman' but left off the final version of the 1971 album, has been posted online. Producer Bruce Botnick recently unearthed the track while listening back to session tapes he was preparing for a reissue of 'L.A. Woman' that's due to drop Jan. 24.


'L.A. Woman' will be reissued in a two-disc set that will include alternate versions of 'Love Her Madly,' 'Riders on the Storm' and the title track, plus a companion DVD featuring a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the album. The set will also include 'Smells So Nice' in its entirety; in the meantime you can preview the track by taking in a 30-second snippet here.

'She Smells So Nice' sounds like a classic Doors whiskey-soaked blues number, with bouncy low-end, a shuffling beat and -- dare we say it? -- an almost Grateful Dead-like jamming interplay between keys and guitar. Jim Morrison's vocals sound slightly muffled at the onset, but pick up steam and by the end of the verse, you can hear that trademark Jim "Oh hoo!" howl.

The 'L.A. Woman' reissue likely will be the first offering from the band in 2012, which is being billed as "The Year of the Doors." Other plans for the milestone year include a super deluxe five-CD version of 'L.A. Woman,'  two Doors digital apps and two CD box sets dedicated to the band’s London Fog and Matrix performances.