Slash is a pretty busy guy these days, between filming commercials with Betty White and responding to rumors of a Guns N' Roses reunion at this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony -- but that isn't enough to keep him from preparing to unleash his new album 'Apocalyptic Love' on a rock-starved planet, or from recording a new video teaser, complete with a bit of the first single 'You're a Lie.'

The clip shows Slash and his band -- vocalist Myles Kennedy, bassist Todd Kerns, and drummer Brent Fitz -- laying down tracks in the studio, interspersed with clips of Slash discussing how the new music ties into his personal philosophy of rock 'n' roll. As he puts it, "It always comes down to the attitude of doing what you believe in, no matter what anybody has to say."

Sounds good to us -- and so does 'You're a Lie,' which plays in the background for much of the clip before closing things out with a few seconds of the chorus. With a swaggering riff and instantly memorable chorus, it promises good things for fans when 'Apocalyptic Love' is released.

Slash certainly seems to be loaded for bear with the new album. He discussed his new music with the Australian radio station Triple M this week, expressing his gratitude for their early support of the record and noting that "in the States there are two speeds -- what used to be alternative rock, which is now mainstream rock, and classic rock. There's no in-between."

He went on to discuss the current state of American rock music, saying, "The more alienated rock becomes, the more I feel I really have to hold the flag. I know there's going to be a creative revolution where playing stuff from the heart is going to end up being more important than the cookie cutter commercial stuff. This is the time to really stick to your guns."

Watch Slash in the Studio Recording 'Apocalyptic Love'