Another audio clip of 'The View,' the first single from the Lou Reed & Metallica collaborative album 'Lulu,' has been posted online. A 30-second clip leaked earlier this week, but this even longer, 90-second version proves that "Loutallica" sounds exactly like what you'd expect: an unexpected meshing of both artists' unique styles. It's certainly different, with both Metallica and Reed sticking to what they do best.

The single drops on Sept. 26 and will be available on iTunes then, and this preview revs up the engines of excitement for what is one of the most anticipated rock albums of the year. In this clip, Reed is delivering a poetic, spoken word monologue about "seeing your suicide," declaring "I want to have you doubting" over the potent, beefy music provided by the mighty Metallica. The first minute-plus of the song is the provocative spoken word, before James Hetfield comes roaring in to deliver a gritty vocal.

The lyrics of the spoken word part are as follows. It's not exactly uplifting stuff by any means. But intriguing? Oh hell yeah.

"I want to see you give it up
I have no morals
Some think me cheap
And someone who despises
The normalcy of heartbreak
The purity of love

But I worship the young
And just formed angel

Who sits upon the pin of lust
Everything else...
Bores me

I want to see your suicide
I want to see you give it up
Your life of reason

I want you on the floor
And in a coffin your soul shaking

I want to have you doubting
Every meaning you’ve amassed
Like a fortune

Oh throw it away
For worship someone
Who actively despises you

For worship someone
Who actively despises you."

After two listens to two separate snippets of the song, we're psyched to hear the whole darn thing. 'Lulu' lands on Nov. 1.

Listen to 90-Second Sample of 'The View'