A thirty second clip of 'The View,' a song from the new Lou Reed & Metallica album 'Lulu,' appears to have leaked onto the internet. It's the first taste of music from this highly unlikely combination of legendary artists to appear since they announced the Nov. 1 release of their collaborative album.

The clip finds Metallica in slow, stomping chug mode, except for drummer Lars Ulrich's near-constant cymbol attack. Reed's flat, monotone voice is mixed high on top of their fury, pointing out the style contradiction that has many people wondering exactly how well this team-up is going to work.

It mostly sounds like someone's doing an improvised poetry reading in one room while a Metallica concert happens next door: "I want you on the floor / And in a coffin, you're soul-shaking / I wanna have you doubting every meaning you've amassed like a fortune."

Of course, it's just 30 seconds of music, and we knew the contrast between Reed and Metallica's musical styles would be startling if not jarring at first, so of course we're still psyched to hear more. Besides, when Metallica frontman James Hetfield takes over the mike with a forceful, melodic "I am the root / I am the progress" refrain, we're instantly back in more familiar territory. This is definitely going to be an interesting record.

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Listen to 'The View' from Lou Reed & Metallica: