Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was a victim of the massive flooding brought on by Hurricane Irene over the weekend. Though the storm spared many along the East Coast, Bach, a resident of Middletown, N.J., sadly wasn’t as fortunate and has lost his home of 21 years.

Bach has been posting updates on his Facebook page, and is obviously devastated to have to report his loss. His mansion, once featured on ‘MTV Cribs,’ is now deemed uninhabitable. In addition, the water has destroyed his rare music collection.

His accumulated treasures included boxes of one-of-a-kind Skid Row memorabili,a including master tapes, concert recordings, audio and video. But that's only the half of it. Bach was also a huge collector of irreplaceable rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia including some very rare Kiss items. Bach will be hard pressed to replace the two gargoyles he had from the 1979 Kiss Dynasty tour, or his 1979 Bally Kiss pinball machine. Though greatly pained by his loss, some humor shines through when he posts If you see them floating past your house, they're mine. Or at least they were.”

Thankfully, his father’s artwork and his silver age comic collection were on the third floor, which remains dry.

“This has really taught me that the best things in life are indeed ‘free’. My home has been taken away by an “Act Of God”. I just think He is giving me a much-needed push, is all. New Jersey, thank you all so much for 25 years of rock n’ roll. It’s all over now. I will always love New Jersey but now there is literally nothing left for me here except memories of a past life.”

Bach plans to move to Los Angeles to start a new life -- “like I have a choice,” he adds to a recent posting. If he's lucky, we can help him restart his Kiss collection with a set of Plushie dolls - see below:

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