Sammy Hagar has recommended music fans read the book 'Dance of the Electric Hummingbird: An Ordinary Woman's Accidental Journey to Enlightenment, the Supernatural, and Rock Star Sammy Hagar,' by Pat Walker. The Chickenfoot singer calls it a "must-read for redheads," according to a report on the Van Halen News Desk.

Hagar continues, saying that the author “takes to heart the same type of messages I try to relate through my music and my life -- go out and seek your dreams, don’t ever give up, celebrate your life and every part of who you are. I know Pat’s journey of mystical transformations will inspire you. Enjoy the journey.”

So, what is the journey? Well according to the book's description, 'Electric Hummingbird' follows the author as she wanders into a bar in Mexico with her husband. She is hoping to enjoy a rock concert by a famous singer previously unknown to her, but something frightening and wonderful happens instead. We won't give you the whole story -- which, by the way, supposedly is based on a true story --but suffice to say God, psychic revelations and Hagar play a role in what follows.

Although Hagar is no longer lead singer of Van Halen, the book is available at the Van Halen store via its website.