"There's so many more songs. I'd like to make a Volume 2."

That's how excited Sammy Hagar is about his new 'Lite Roast' album, which finds him presenting songs from his catalog in a new acoustic light. As he points out in the latest of his behind-the-scenes videos from the making of the record, his wife Kari and his guitarist, Vic Johnson, feel the same way. "Once I did it, I started saying 'Oh, what about this song?' and Vic would say, 'What about that song?' Kari -- at least twice a week. 'You know what you need to do? You need to play 'The Big Nail.' You need to play this song and that song.'"

Calling the idea of doing another one "pretty inspiring," Hagar added, "I will see how the fans like this. I love it, Vic's in love with it, my kids even like it for a change ... if the fans want another one, I'll do another one sometime." But, he promised, he isn't going to stop rocking at full volume. "It's not gonna interfere with going out and doing live shows, or putting together another new band, or a Chickenfoot record or tour, or whatever. It has nothing to do with any of that."

Joking that he'd go "crazy" if he tried to put together an all-acoustic tour, Hagar stressed that it's just another side of his ever-evolving journey. "I really wanted to add into the fabric of my whole career. Montrose, Van Halen, solo, the Wabos, HSAS, Chickenfoot, this new band which I like to call the Circle, with Jason Bonham and [Michael Anthony] and Vic -- it just adds into that," he argued, calling 'Lite Roast' "a nice little weave into the middle and the side over here."

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