We know Geddy Lee is a major baseball fan, but the guys in Rush took time to celebrate a different sport during their recent stop in Chicago.

The band was in town on June 28, just 4 days after the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins in a six-game series that sent the Stanley Cup to the Windy City for the fifth time in the team's 87-season history. It's the second time in four years that the Blackhawks have taken home the league championship, and they're obviously making good use of the trophy.

In fact, in the clip embedded above, Blackhawks left winger Daniel Carcillo brought the Cup to Rush's Chicago gig, much to the delight of the band members -- not to mention the crowd, which audibly freaks out after Carcillo strolls out on stage and hoists the Cup over his shoulders.

Of course, the members of Rush are from Canada, not Chicago -- and given that four Canadian teams made the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs (the highest number since 2006), they could be forgiven for feeling some sour grapes -- as one Blabbermouth commenter joked, this is the closest Canada has come to the Cup in decades -- but they're clearly having a good time in this video. Maybe next season it'll be the Maple Leafs' turn, eh?