As drummers go, Rush's Neil Peart would sit high atop the list of more than a few fans and musicians. Now, Drum Channel and Jammit have a special promotion centered around the expert sticksman.

They are offering access to an exclusive version of the Rush track 'YYZ'. This special edition of the classic instrumental (originally found on the band's 'Moving Pictures' album) allows users to isolate the drum tracks and really hear his amazing playing sans guitar & bass.

It also will make it possible for you to record your own version of the song! Take out out Neil and you too can play along with Alex & Geddy! Kind of like a high tech version of the old Play Guitar With The Ventures LP's! This special promotion is available only to Drum Channel members and also includes a download of an exclusive Peart interview.

Jammit is the top rated app for beginning musicians, as well as the more experienced who want to learn to play their favorite songs. With this app you are able to isolate any given track (drums, guitar, etc) using the original master recording. By doing so, the user can then create their own rendition of any given classic.

'YYZ' is one of a handful of Rush instrumentals that show off Mr. Peart's technique, power and proficiency on the kit. The Grammy-nominated song has been a standard in their live shows throughout the years as well.

Between this, the 'Time Machine Live In Cleveland' DVD/CD and the Sectors box's looking to be a Rush Christmas all the way. Can anyone else picture Geddy, Alex & Neil as the three wise men?