Rod Stewart is NOT launching his own reality show. The rock legend's publicist sent us the following statement regarding yesterday's report suggesting he was following in Ozzy Osbourne's footsteps with a televised series based on his family life:

"Rod Stewart is not and will not be filming a reality TV show.  Any reports claiming his participation, his wife Penny Lancaster’s or their young children Alastair and Aiden’s are completely false.”

We couldn't be happier; that means one less night of television coverage for us. The rest of this article is now moot but if you want to read it for history's sake, here you go:

Stewart has reportedly begun filming a family-based reality show for E!, according to the Mirror, just as Osbourne did before him.

Stewart, 70, is said to be doing the series with wife Penny Lancaster, 43, and their two kids, ages 9 and 4. Grown children from Stewart's first marriage are also apparently going to have "prominent" roles. “Rod is very proud of his family and he wants to show everyone that," a source tells the Mirror. "He will star very much as the dad, and it will show he has kept things together.”

Shooting on Rod Stewart's partially scripted show is said to begin in June. Stewart's move into television follows a successful return to pop music with 2013's Time, which went platinum in the UK. He'd earlier issued five songbook-themed albums dating back to 2002.

The Osbournes, starring Ozzy and his family, began the same year -- becoming MTV's most-watched series ever. Sharon Osbourne, the Black Sabbath singer's wife and manager, announced last October that Ozzy is considering a return to the series.

Stewart was married from 1979-84 to Alana Hamilton, ex-wife of actor George Hamilton. The former Faces frontman's second marriage, from 1990–2006, was to model Rachel Hunter. He has four other kids, aged 20 through 52. His son Sean appeared in the A&E reality program Sons of Hollywood in 2007.

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