Pink Floyd will not reunite at the London 2012 Olympics according to guitarist David Gilmour. Despite previous reports of the rumored reunion, Gilmour quickly had one of his representatives call NME to put the rumor to rest. “There is no truth in recent media speculation about Pink Floyd reuniting to perform for the 2012 London Olympics.”

It’s obviously going to take a lot more than a monumental gig to get these guys back on the stage together. If the 2012 Olympics aren’t enough to cement a reunion deal, what is?

While the hope for a Pink Floyd reunion will never wane, going forward, it appears that both Roger Waters and Gilmour have a pretty full calendar. Waters plans a full swing tour in the summer with more 'The Wall' concert dates expected to be announced in the near future. According to Outside the Wall, Gilmour is currently working on a new album and is considering a tour of his own, in late 2012-2013.

So, if you’re holding your breath for a Pink Floyd reunion, it’s time to exhale because it looks like Gilmour has just put “another brick in the wall.”