Who said vinyl is dead? Not the Pink Floyd fan out there who bought a black and blue pressing of the band's 1988 'Delicate Sound of Thunder' double live album for a whopping $2500 on eBay

That's a lot of scratch for one record, even a double! In fact, it probably cost more than a vintage record player would at this point. But, the album is apparently super rare, thus justifying the price to serious collectors. One record is blue and the other is black, furthering the cool quotient on this item. The winner didn't have much competition, either, as he/she was the only one who offered up a bid.

What is interesting about the double live 'Delicate Sound of Thunder' is that it was final Floyd release made when vinyl was the primary format. All post-'Thunder releases' were issued with CD as the primary medium. Of course, now, the compact disc is well on its way out, just like cassettes before it, and it's vinyl that's on the rise.

Considering that the seller likely bought this album for around 20 beans or so in the late '80s, the $2500 eBay price tag makes for a tidy little profit, or, an incredible adjustment for inflation.

Maybe you ought to start sifting through those old crates of vinyl in the basement or man cave. You might be sitting on a gold mine, if you can bear to part with your old records!