Phil Rudd is ready to open up and go public regarding the private downward spiral that led to his recent spate of legal woes.

As detailed in our Rudd timeline, the last year has been incredibly tumultuous for the drummer, who's seen his long tenure with AC/DC come to a likely end following his arrest last November on charges of drug possession and threatening to kill — just the first in a series of bust-ups that have seen him returning to court repeatedly and clashing with press at several points along the way.

Rudd is currently appealing the eight-month home detention sentence he was handed after pleading guilty to those charges, but he's also waiting to face a judge on new charges of violating the terms of that detention, and his legal fate seems likely to remain somewhat up in the air for the foreseeable future.

All of which is to say there should be no shortage of available topics when Rudd sits down with New Zealand's 3D News on Aug. 9. According to the network, Rudd's interview with reporter Michael Morrah will offer viewers a "world exclusive" inside look that will find him "talking candidly about the events that saw him convicted in a New Zealand court, and the path to redemption he’s setting out on."

Fans in other parts of the world will have to wait for video and transcriptions of the conversation, but in the meantime, 3D promises it won't disappoint. "A man who once had the world on a string is now restricted to the boundaries of his house – and worse, now has a conviction that could threaten his ability to play internationally with AC/DC," reads the preview. "But the 3D story also shows an intimate side to Phil Rudd, and a determination to re-align his life."

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