The phone hacking scandal surrounding Paul McCartney has a new development. According to talk show host Piers Morgan, the former Beatles' phone was hacked by none other than his ex-wife, Heather Mills.

We previously reported that McCartney told the BBC he was hacked after his ex-wife Heather Mills accused a journalist of tapping into voicemails that McCartney left for her during their courtship. Mills actually accused Morgan, the former Daily Mirror editor, of knowing that reporters on his staff were hacking into the voicemails, a charge which Morgan vehemently denied.

Morgan did, however, admit that he had heard a message that Macca left for Mills.

Still with us? We know, it's somewhat complicated.

So now comes Morgan on the television telling Conan O'Brien that he believes it was Mills herself, who has since contentiously divorced Sir Paul, that hacked into the voicemails. Morgan even went on to say that McCartney accuses Mills of doing so in their divorce papers. Apparently in the filing, McCartney suggested that his ex-wife was passing information about him onto "the papers."

Morgan said that he actually introduced McCartney and Mills at a Daily Mirror event and would like to apologize for doing so, since it ended up costing the songwriting legend a pretty penny in the divorce -- $50 million, if that type of information is important to you.

The moral of the story? Privacy is a lost cause in the today's brave new digital age. In fact, put down that extra brownie, we can see you!

Watch the Clip of Piers Morgan Talking Phone Hacking With Conan O'Brien