Ozzy Osbourne will spend the next week using his Twitter account and his Facebook page to dispense some of the advice that is included in his book, ‘Trust Me, I’m Dr. Ozzy: Advice From Rock’s Ultimate Survivor.' The week-long series will be called "Dr. Ozzy's Seven-Day Guide To Better Living."

The book is in stores now and it collects tips, advice and stories from the man who has lived through it all in his 62 years on the planet! If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about survival, it's Ozzy!

To promote the book and to share some of the key nuggets of wisdom contained within, Ozzy will offer a week's worth of of free advice, all of which is delivered in the singer's signature, sardonic wit. It's like being able to try before you buy, with bite sized nuggets of information.

Follow Ozzy on Twitter here and or like him on Facebook so you don't miss a second of "Dr. Ozzy's Seven-Day Guide To Better Living." The first gratis tip: “Always get a 2nd opinion--even if it means calling the doctor’s cell from 6ft underground to ask if he's 100% sure you're dead.”

While Ozzy is not a doctor nor does he play one on TV, the fact that he has battered his body and his liver and is still going strong proves that not only is he a mutant, but that he is an inexplicable specimen from whom modern science and rock fans can learn.