Ozzy Osbourne's life and medical advice book is in stores today. The title, 'Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy,' has a lovable, if not comforting, Dr. Nick-like assurance. However, as readers of his column in the Sunday Times and Rolling Stone have found out, Osbourne has a refreshingly honest and well-informed bed-side manner. And why wouldn't he? There's hardly a death scare the 62-year-old rocker hasn't fought off.

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Osbourne recounts a few of his brushes with death. “I’ve overdosed, I’ve had my stomach pumped, I’ve nearly died a few times. Then I fall off a quad-bike going four miles per hour and smash my clavicle, break all my ribs, puncture my lungs. My heart stopped twice on the way to the hospital.”

The book promises the best material from his columns, as well as untold survival stories. He also answers celebrity medical questions and shares his surprisingly down-to-earth perspective on various topics.

“One girl said, ‘I want to get a face lift but then I want to cover my face up when I go to work because I don’t want anyone to see what I’ve done,’” Osbourne explains. “I said, ‘Great, don’t have a (expletive) face lift.’ Doesn’t she realize everyone’s going to wonder why she’s wearing a (expletive) ski mask at work?”

While his days living on LSD, cocaine and cough syrup are behind him, the incident with the all-terrain vehicle shows the rocker is somewhat of a fragile flower. He's aware of this, as well as the unavoidable truth that he's closer to the end than the beginning.

“As long as they want to see me, as long as I can still physically do it, I want to play,” he says of the loyal fans that fill his concerts. “I can’t do it forever, I’ll bloody fall apart, but while I can do it, I will.”