With a new book out and a new album on the way, Neil Young had plenty of things to talk about when he stopped by 'The Colbert Report' the other night.

True to his cluelessly conservative character, Colbert good-naturedly needled Young for a number of his pet progressive causes, including mocking him for having written a car-focused memoir while holding himself up as a steward of the environment. As fans are aware, Young's LincVolt car doesn't run on gasoline (although it does occasionally break down, just like a regular automobile), something the two bantered about during a portion of the interview segment.

"You caught me right in the middle of driving a 1959 Lincoln from San Francisco to the Tar Sands in Alberta and to New York City without using one drop of gasoline," boasted Young after Colbert joked that he's a "hypocrite" and sniped, "You're one of these 'Save the Earth' guys, right? You got the T-shirt. Cars! There's a lot of pollution with cars!"

Young also expressed his displeasure with some of President Obama's policies, responding to Colbert's question about whether he thinks Obama should be impeached for his military interventions by saying, "I think we should impeach him for fracking. It's not in the interest of the American people ... I am part of the free world, and he is the leader of the free world."

The two also discussed Young's hi-def Pono music player during the segment, which you can watch above; later, they strapped on guitars for an unorthodox performance of Young's latest single, 'Who's Gonna Stand Up?,' with Colbert interjecting facetious right-wing rejoinders ("I know it feels good to save the Earth / but what if the dolphins attack us first?" ... "Solar power is bound to fail / I say it's time we frack the whales") to Young's eco-friendly lyrics. Check out their duet below.

Neil Young and Stephen Colbert Perform 'Who's Gonna Stand Up?'