They had to defeat some of rock's finest to get here, but after a closely fought final round, it's official: Motorhead are your Hard Rock Football League champions.

After going undefeated through a series of tough match-ups that saw them going up against Van Halen‘s Eruptions, Rush‘s Rush and Iron Maiden‘s Troopers, the Motorheads took the hard-rock gridiron against Disturbed's Chicago Sickness, who emerged victorious after their own victorious run during Loudwire's Hard Rock Football League contest.

If you missed out on the action, this all got started when a thought hit us: Why should Kiss and Motley Crue‘s Vince Neil be the only rock stars to own football teams? So to celebrate the start of another NFL season, we teamed up with Loudwire to create teams for 16 other great bands -- and let you decide which squad deserves to stand above the rest as the champion.

That's right -- as with each of the other rounds, our championship battle was decided by our readers, and this one was a close contest: the Motorheads walked away with just over 52 percent of the vote, squeaking by the Chicago Sickness to claim our first-ever Hard Rock Football League Championship. Unfortunately, we don't have any footage of the Motorheads coach being doused with a cooler full of Jack Daniel's, so you'll just have to imagine it -- and start making a mental list of all the bands who deserve a shot at the crown next season. Until then, all hail the Motorheads!