Motorhead‘s Motorheads defeated seven other classic rock legends to win our Hard Rock Football League championship. Now they're up against their biggest challenge yet: Disturbed's Chicago Sickness, winners of Loudwire's own month-long competition.

Remember, your votes decide the winner! Lemmy's team has already defeated Van Halen's Eruptions, Rush's Rush and Iron Maiden's Troopers to reach this point. But now they're going to need support from across the classic rock world in order to take home the first ever Hard Rock Football Championship trophy. Though Disturbed are young pups compared to the mighty Motorhead, they've shown their mettle in this competition, defeating Godsmack, Slipknot and Slayer's squads in order to arrive here -- on destiny's doorstep.

This all got started when a thought hit us: Why should Kiss and Motley Crue‘s Vince Neil be the only rock stars to own football teams? So to celebrate the start of another NFL season, we teamed up with Loudwire to create teams for 16 other great bands — and let you decide which squad deserves to stand above the rest as the champion!

So who are you rooting for: the Motorheads or the Sickness? You can vote once an hour for the winner of the Hard Rock Football Championship from now until 8AM ET on Tuesday, Sept. 30. We will announce the champion that morning -- and hopefully, start a very long year of teasing Loudwire about our team's stunning victory!

Ultimate Classic Rock's Hard Rock Football League Bracket

Ultimate Classic Rock

Loudwire's Hard Rock Football League Bracket