Fleetwood Mac drummer and founder Mick Fleetwood says he wants to reunite with his old bandmates for an album or a tour, but he doesn't see it happening unless Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham are willing to step back from their solo careers.

"We were supposed to tour in 2011," Fleetwood tells Playboy, "but we delayed it for a year to allow Stevie Nicks to support her solo record and for Lindsey Buckingham to do the same with his."

Fleetwood adds that he doesn't blame either Nicks or Buckingham for wanting to do their own thing, in fact he's played drums on most of Nicks' solo albums. "I understand what she likes about her situation. Touring in support of her album, she is able to be her, without any degree of compromise. She doesn't have to worry about the other three of us asking her to do anything. She has become obsessed with her album in a very nice but inconvenient way."

Fleetwood's comments follow a story told by Buckingham in December. The singer-songwriter left a seed of hope however. “I’d be surprised if we didn’t at least talk in 2012, although where that will lead who can tell?”