Van Halen fans clamoring for Michael Anthony to return to the band will eventually get their wish -- that is, if Sammy Hagar's prediction comes true.

Hagar, himself a former member of Van Halen, was asked by VH1 Radio Network's Dave Basner what he knew about (highly disputed) reports that his old bandmates -- who reunited with original singer David Lee Roth in 2007 -- are currently mixing their first album since 2012's 'A Different Kind of Truth.'

“I don’t know what’s going on," Hagar responded. "I couldn’t even tell you. I could speculate all day long but I always get in trouble for doing that, so I’d rather just say I would love to hear some new music from those guys -- and I don’t care if I’m in the band or not, that doesn’t mean anything to me. Right now, I’m really happy. I can play any song I want and I can sing it and I can rock it and I’ve got musicians that can do it and me and Mikey are having the time of our life.”

Since his own departure from Van Halen in 2006, Anthony and Hagar have performed together as one half of Chickenfoot. The bassist has also frequently joined Hagar's solo tours. This summer, the duo formed a new group entitled the Circle with drummer Jason Bonham and Hagar's longtime lead guitarist Vic Johnson.

But if Hagar's correct, Anthony may eventually return to his old job in Van Halen, essentially reuniting the group’s original lineup for the first time since 1985. (Although if you want to get technical, the quartet recorded two new songs for 1996’s ‘Best Of - Volume 1’ compilation together.) Guitarist Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang has filled the bassist role for the band since Anthony's departure.

“My guess is, if you want me to make one prediction, I think that Michael Anthony will be back in that band because they really need to do that. If they’re going to serve the fans and ever do what the fans really want right now, if it’s going to be Dave, then it’s gotta be Mike. too. It’s gotta be the original band, and that’s the way it should be. Nothing against Wolfie -- I love the guy; he was a sweet kid, grew up, I saw him when he was born for God’s sake -- but they need to do that and my prediction is they will.”

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