Lindsey Buckingham has been on a productive tear in recent years, releasing three solo albums since 2006 including this year's highly regarded 'Seeds We Sow.' Prior to 2006, there was a noticeable drought of solo material from the veteran singer-songwriter, whose last solo album 'Out Of The Cradle' had been been released in 1992.

A good amount of Buckingham's solo silence had to do with his renewed activity with Fleetwood Mac, but after finding a break in that action, he's certainly been making good use of his Mac downtime and he tells Classic Rock magazine that he's already looking towards what's next.

“I love what I've been able to achieve and I'm already thinking of another solo album.” As his recent output suggests, Buckingham is a big fan of striking while the iron is hot and while the time is there. “You've got to make the most of what you have.”

Echoing what he told us in an earlier interview, fans shouldn't hold their breath for any definite activity in the Fleetwood Mac camp in 2012. Buckingham says that there's been no time to schedule anything and “I have no idea when we'll be able to get together and start thinking about the next album or tour,” emphasizing that “it might be a little while yet.”

But the light glimmers slightly as Buckingham allows that “I'd be surprised if we didn't at least talk in 2012, although where that will lead who can tell?”

'Seeds We Sow' features Buckingham's take on 'She Smiled Sweetly' by the Rolling Stones and Lindsey says that his favorite Stones period was when Brian Jones was in the group. “He brought so many different musical ideas and instruments into the band.”

His choice of 'She Smiled Sweetly' represents “all I love about the Stones at this time.” Found on the Stones' 'Between The Buttons' album, which was released in 1967, Buckingham took great delight in the material. “They were moving away from their R&B roots and exploring psychedelic possibilities. It made them so exciting and for me this is when the band were at their best.”