The "Wet, Wild & Rockin'" Kiss Kruise left port in Miami yesterday (Oct. 13) and hit the high seas, celebrating its maiden voyage with a non-makeup unplugged Kiss sail-away concert. The 16-song (or was it 17?) set "featured a mix of Kiss classics, songs that haven't been dusted off in a few years, and attempts at extreme rarities," reports

'Anything for My Baby' and 'Two Timer' were started but aborted before getting through the complete songs, while the tunes 'Just a Boy,' 'I' and 'Mr. Blackwell' were combined into an 'Elder' medley. 'Beth' featured Eric Singer on lead vocals, and Paul Stanley took over the mic for 'Hard Look Woman' (video can be seen below).

Kiss are scheduled to do a full-scale performance -- make-up and all -- later in the Kruise, which is scheduled to makes two stops in the Bahamas before returning to port in Miami on Monday (Oct. 17). Also scheduled is a Kasino Night hosted by drummer Eric Singer, miniature golf with guitarist Tommy Thayer and Q&A sessions with both manager Doc McGhee on his own and Kiss as a whole.

Watch Kiss Perform 'Hard Look Woman' with Paul Stanley on Lead Vocals