Kiss may be reinstating long-absent classics such as 'God of Thunder' and 'Flaming Youth' to the setlist for their upcoming summer tour, according to Twitter posts from guitarist Tommy Thayer.

"Just had a good Kiss rehearsal today," Thayer explained in one post, before detailing the tracks in question: "Messed around with a bunch of songs ... 'Do You Love Me,' 'God of Thunder,' 'Flaming Youth,' 'Got To Choose'."

As a long-time Kiss fan, let it be stated quite clearly that, no matter how good 'I Love it Loud' is, there was no reason on Earth for it to ever replace 'God of Thunder' as Gene Simmons' signature blood-spitting, flying solo spotlight song, a role 'Loud' has filled for the past several tours.

Of course, there's no confirmation that any of these songs will actually be performed at Kiss' upcoming summer concerts, but the mere possibility of a setlist shakeup has us about to pull up Google Maps to find out what show is closest to Ultimate Classic Rock headquarters.

In other Kiss-on-Twitter news, Gene Simmons somehow found the energy to defend the critically-lambasted movie 'Green Lantern,' declaring: "Green Lantern rocks. A big surprise. Solid writing, acting and spfx. A real tour de force."

Gene Simmons is wrong. We saw 'Green Lantern' last night, and we brought a bag of hammers along with us, and at the end of the movie, the bag of hammers said, "Wow! That movie was DUMB." This article sums up some of the basic faults of the film rather nicely.

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