The big news regarding July 2015's slate of new music releases isn't just the records and videos that are coming out – but also what day of the week they'll be made available for purchase.

The music industry's much-discussed switch of record release day from Tuesday to Friday starts on July 10. Apparently the idea is that more people will go buy records on a weekend, especially if they just got paid. In addition, all countries will now have the same release date, which the labels hope will help reduce piracy.

(Nothing so trivial as a job or family or medical emergency was ever going to stop us from buying a new Van Halen album the second it came out, but whatever...)

July's release slate is highlighted by the last three albums in Led Zeppelin's massive catalog restoration campaign: Presence, In Through the Out Door and Coda. Each album gets at least one disc full of previously unreleased rarities, and Coda gets two new discs of music from sessions spanning the band's career. And speaking of Van Halen, there are new remasters of four of their early '80s records coming this month, too.

You can also expect new albums from Joe Satriani and Warren Haynes, as well as archival live collections from the Rolling Stones, Yes, the Stray Cats and many more.

Here’s a full list of July's new classic rock releases. Click on the highlighted titles to learn more about many of these records and videos. Don’t forget to check out our updated list of 2015 New Music Releases to look ahead to all of the great classic rock albums, videos and books scheduled to come out this year.