In their continuing tradition of getting classic rock bands together on stage with country music acts, the latest addition to Country Music Televion's rock-country mash-up is Rascal Flatts teaming up with 'Don't Stop Believin'' hit-makers Journey.

At rehearsals for the performance yesterday, Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus couldn't hide his jubilation at the prospect of performing with a group he has dreamed about working with.

"I've got to tell you, tonight was amazing because we've dreamed about collaborating with Journey forever. So to be up there onstage with those guys who are heroes. You hate to say 'heroes' growing up, but as kids of the '80s, their music was iconic for that era. I was such a huge fan, so to be able to stand onstage beside some your heroes is the best feeling on the entire planet. You can't describe it. You can't put it into words -- and it's nerve-wracking!"

Rascal Flatts member Joe Don Rooney offered a great deal of praise for Journey vocalist Arnel Pineda, stating that the young singer has "been this injection.  This guy's got serious energy. He's got serious pipes. He can really, really sing and really bring it. It's good to see these guys 30 years in the business, and they're still just dying to get on stage and make music for the fans. I think it's exciting for us to see that."