Journey's anthemic 1980 single 'Any Way You Want It' is featured in a new commercial from State Farm insurance.

As with the Queen 'Bohemian Rhapsody' commercial that recently turned up on the airwaves, the spoken lyrics crop up before the actual song in this spot. We open as a client and a State Farm rep are conversing, with the rep telling his customer 'we're here, anytime, anywhere, anyway you want it,' to which the stone faced customer replies, 'that's the way I need it.'

After a brief exchange, the customer says 'we just had ourselves a little Journey moment there' before going on to mention that he 'saw them in Fresno in '83' and that 'the place was crawling with chicks.'

The actual Journey recording kicks in with around ten seconds to spare. Though we must say this is one of the more clever uses of a classic rock motif in an ad, it's not nearly as memorable as the use of the same song in the movie Caddyshack. Then again, without Rodney Dangerfield, what do you expect!

Watch The State Farm Ad Featuring Journey's 'Any Way You Want It'