The trailer and poster for the film version of the popular musical 'Rock of Ages' has been revealed and fans of music from the '80s are in for a real treat.

Journey's 'Any Way You Want It,' Twisted Sister's 'We're Not Gonna Take It' and Night Ranger's 'Sister Christian' are all utilized effectively in the two-minute, action-packed trailer. So is Tom Cruise's acting, but that comes at the very end.

Just Alec Baldwin's scenes as a club owner in the trailer are hilarious enough to make you forget the actor's recent American Airlines incident and start counting down the days until this bad boy hits the multiplex.

The trailer for the film, in which Cruise plays rock star Stacee Jaxx, takes us back to Hollywood in 1987, when glam ruled Sunset. The hot club is "the Bourbon," which Baldwin says transforms into "a sea of sweat, ear-shattering music and puke" every night.

Baldwin also barks orders to his bartender, reminding him the girls drink for free and the dudes play full price. But in that era, it was hard to tell who was who, since the guys and girls both had long hair.

Cruise appears in the final few seconds of the trailer, further upping Jaxx's mystique. If you had any doubts that he could transform into a rock god and considered this questionable casting, well, you're mistaken. We're predicting brilliance on par with his 'Tropic Thunder' cameo based on the trailer.

Cruise-as-Jaxx is such a cocky and disaffected a---hole that when a groupie/fan charges him professing her love, he autographs her breasts with a sharpie without so much as looking at her or her twins. He's been there, done that hundreds if not thousands of times. It's a genius moment.

The film hits theaters June 1.

Watch the 'Rock of Ages' Trailer