Josh Krajcik, the sole remaining "Over 30" performer on 'X Factor,' chose to offer up his take of the Beatles tune 'Something' on last night's episode (Dec. 7.) It was a contestant's choice song, so that certainly gave him an advantage, as he was able to sing something that he knows and likely loves.

With his smoky, soulful vibe, the former burrito maker infused the song with his signature, powerhouse roar. The singer, who sported long, shaggy hair and a leather jacket and jeans, looked every inch the rock star and he pretty much nailed it with a hammer as he belted out the song as if he wrote it.

Krajcik has become a fan favorite and has spent much of the season trafficking in the classic rock genre, having performed songs by Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones on previous episodes. Someone has to represent for rock, right?

After Krajcik performed, judge L.A. Reid felt his version was good but karaoke-like. His mentor Nicole Scherzinger argued that he was lost in the moment and letting go and letting the song take over. We're inclined to agree with her; Krajcik really inhabited that song as though it were his abode.

We don't think that Josh Krajcik going home tonight, when the audience voting results are revealed on the elimination episode. Hopefully, he'll live to fight another day and sing another song on 'X Factor,' preferably one by a classic rock artist.

Watch Josh Krajcik Perform 'Something'