Politics, the loss of Clarence Clemons and Occupy Wall Street are just three of the topics Bruce Springsteen discusses in an interview with 'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart that will cover Rolling Stone next week.

The two are friends, although Stewart admits he has to occasionally stop himself from gushing like a fanboy. "It’s very hard to reconcile sitting and fishing in a little pond in New Jersey with a guy that you spent many years hitchhiking the New Jersey I-95 corridor to see in Philadelphia back in the day," he tells Rolling Stone.

The issue will hit news stands on March 16. Springsteen has just released his new album 'Wrecking Ball' featuring the lead single 'We Take Care of Our Own.' Clemons can be heard on a couple of the album's tracks, but the singer says it's been difficult dealing with the loss of the big man.

"Losing Clarence was like losing the rain," Springsteen says. "You’re losing something that has been so elemental in your life for such a long time."

Rolling Stone is teasing the interview as an extensive chat about a variety of topics including "their common ground as popular entertainers with a serious interest in politics."