The Canadian dentist who purchased one of John Lennon's teeth for more than $30,000 at a 2011 auction is still trying to use it to clone the former Beatle.

Doctor Michael Zuk went public with his plans last summer, telling reporters he was thrilled that scientists were working to extract Lennon's DNA from the tooth. "To potentially say I had a small part in bringing back one of rock’s greatest stars would be mind-blowing," he enthused. "I am nervous and excited at the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon’s DNA -- very soon, I hope. With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality."

Zuk continued to share his cloning dreams during a recent interview, admitting that while he still faces technological and legal stumbling blocks, he hasn't given up hope of bringing life to Lennon's genetic twin. "[It] depends where you do these things. If it can’t be done in one country, you can do these things in another," he explained, suggesting that the clone "could be looked at as my son."

Lest you think Zuk is trying to somehow worm his way into legal access to Lennon's estate, don't fret. Although he vowed to be a responsible parent to the clone, saying he'd "hopefully keep him away from drugs and cigarettes, that kind of thing...but, you know, guitar lessons wouldn’t hurt anyone," he hastened to add that "I don’t think I would be the one, you know, owning [Lennon's] property" and explaining that the clone "would have the rights when he was old enough to make a claim."

And if Zuk's lil' Lennon grows up to be nothing like the legend, there's always more DNA to be harvested. As Zuk put it, "Well, if it works once it’s going to work again, right?"