Jimmy Fallon returned to 'Saturday Night Live' last weekend to mock Justin Bieber, comedian Russell Brand and Sting. In a sketch spoofing Michael Buble's Christmas duets album -- which is currently the No. 1 album in America -- Fallon joins the real Buble for a few short songs.

Much like his impersonations of Neil Young and Jim Morrison, Fallon's Sting is spot on. He reuses the chorus of 'Don't Stand So Close to Me' by the Police to sing the "Fa, la, la" part of 'Deck the Halls.' The second chorus is a repeat of 'Desert Rose,' the 1999 duet with Cheb Mami.

The 'Don't Stand So Close to Me' joke is a clever one by Fallon and SNL writers as it was that song that he borrowed to help Dire Straits write 'Money For Nothing.' His only contribution is the "I Want My MTV" line, which was sung to the same melody as 'Don't Stand So Close to Me.'

Later in the skit Fallon does a similarly impressive impression of Bieber and Brand. Other character impressions of M.I.A., Taylor Swift and Scotty McCreery make this video more than worth watching.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Impersonate Sting on 'Saturday Night Live'