Gene Simmons of Kiss might be the most quotable person on the planet. He’s got a quick answer for any question that you might ask him, including to the surprise of no one, his regrets about wasted money.

In remarks that seem like they might be directed at former bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, whose former partying ways he frequently denounced, Simmons told Classic Rock magazine that his biggest waste of money was “coddling drunks and alcoholics a day longer than they should have been there." He expanded on that thought by saying that “self-destructive people will suck the lifeblood out of you.”

We all know that Simmons has a high self-opinion of himself, but he says that he could be even better. The flame spitting entrepreneur says that he “admires greatness” and he considers it “a personal failing that I’m not greater than I actually think I am.”

But hey, he admits there’s “no negative to being Gene Simmons” and says that “you have to look at it relatively: it’s either this or flipping burgers.” Which makes us wonder – could Kiss Burgers be next on the list of possible ideas?