If you've followed Kiss frontman Gene Simmons for any length of time, you'll know that he's never at a loss for words, and most recently, he's chosen to share his thoughts on the differences between men and women.

Simmons tells Parade that women have the "30,000 foot viewpoint," while "men are not reflective." In other words, women always have the "bigger picture" in sight, and the differences between the two sexes ultimately make the "hair on our backs rise," which he attributes to the kid-like immaturity of men.

Geez, Gene - thanks for selling us completely out!

Gene says that another season of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' is "probable." When asked about his troubled relationship with longtime love Shannon Tweed, he said "we're working on it," comparing it to having a "cut on your hand" that doesn't heal "overnight."

The 61 year old commerce-loving rock 'n' roller has no regrets about opening his entire family life up via the television show, which in his words, has been "good for me" and "good for us."

Simmons took some recreational time this week to threw out the first pitch at Tuesday's Mets/Dodgers game.

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