Kiss founder Gene Simmons may not have had much romantic advice to give to football hero and self-declared virgin Tim Tebow when cornered by TMZ recently -- "I wouldn't have the guts to tell another guy what to do" -- but he's pretty open about what works for him and new wife Shannon Tweed.

Forget bringing home roses, chocolate or other romantic gestures that newlyweds partake in to keep their love life going strong. Simmons and Tweed say it's the wild and crazy sex that keeps their candles burning after 28 years of being together.

"[You have to] keep having sex in different ways," Tweed recently revealed to Hollyscoop, after her rocker husband said the key for their relationship is to "put out" frequently. "Try to think of something new," she added.

"Romance is interesting," Simmons went on to say during the red carpet interview at the 'Haywire' premiere in Los Angeles last week. "But somebody much more prolific than I am put it better ... she should be a Madonna in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom."

Tweed is not your typical housewife, so being called "a whore" by her husband is somewhat of a turn-on for the 54-year-old former Playboy Playmate. "Did you just call me a whore?" she asked. "I like that!"

To his credit, Simmons, 62, clarified that it was meant to be said "in the nicest way" possible.

Simmons and Tweed finally walked down the aisle last October and have two children: a son, Nick (23), and a daughter, Sophie Alexandra (19). And by now, the two have learned when to give Mom and Dad their much-needed alone time.

"Thank God the children are grown up," Tweed said. "As soon as they hear noise from upstairs, they leave the house. That's good."