We have sad news to report, as the mother of Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks passed away yesterday (Dec. 29) in a Scottsdale, Ariz.-area hospital after a battle with pneumonia.  She was 84.

A source close to Stevie reveals that the brokenhearted 63-year-old singer sat bedside with her mother for her final days. “Stevie was extremely close to her mother and barely left her side over the past few days -- it was almost like a hospice situation as they knew she could pass at any minute,” the insider told the National Enquirer.

“Close friends and family also took around-the-clock shifts to make sure Stevie and Barbara were taken care of," continued the source. “They also held frequent vigils for Barbara -- they wanted to make sure she passed in the most comfortable and respected way possible.”

Barbara, who was considered a local celebrity in her own right in the Scottsdale area, owned an antique store called Silver Spring Emporium that stocked furniture, china, figurines and other items. It even had small collection of Stevie autographs and other Mac memorabilia.

"Stevie always says that Mom has her own fan club," Barbara told The Arizona Republic in a 1997 interview. "It's the funniest thing for me to see."

"We're really very close," she continued. "We always have been. She's really a very special little girl. I mean, here I am calling her a little girl, but she always will be my little girl in a way."

Funeral arrangements are being handled under the direction of Green Acres Mortuary & Cemetery, in Scottsdale. No details about services have been announced.