Don Henley, in a recent interview with a German newspaper, says next year's 40th anniversary of the Eagles' self-titled debut album could mark a good time for the band to either call it quits or embark on a celebratory trek.

The Eagles singer tells the publication Der Tagesspiegel, "I do not think we'll go on so long. Next year marks the 40-year anniversary of our first album. This could be a good time to ... oh well, quit? Or go on tour?"

However, he does add that the band is still driven by their fans and their creative juices. "The motivation is really the popularity that we enjoy," he explains. "And I hope we can still write more songs. I hope that my best work still lies ahead of me. Whether it's true or not, I can still get out of bed in the morning."

Guitarist Joe Walsh, who is quoted in the same interview, adds that he still truly enjoys playing with his Eagles bandmates after all these years. "We really have fun working together," remarks Walsh. "I also play in other bands with other people. But there is something special when the four of us are together."

Walsh also quipped that if next year does mark the Eagles' last trek, they can call it the "Farewell 2" tour.

The Eagles are currently finishing up an overseas trek, and are set to perform two shows at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Nov. 5 and 19. In addition, Henley is playing a handful of solo gigs in California in the fall. See the full itinerary for the Eagles and Henley here.

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