Although Britt Daniel is the front man for two acclaimed indie bands, Spoon and his side project the Divine Fits, he's demonstrated a love of classic rock. Last week, he covered Tom Petty's 'You Got Lucky' and he also took a shot at Bruce Springsteen's 'Hungry Heart' back in February. But in a new interview, he had some harsh words for Axl Rose.

"I just think that he's kinda the worst type of rock star out there," he told Rolling Stone. "Who's totally self-involved and precious about his own music and won't put out a record and can't – you know, all the great people that made that first Guns N' Roses record what it was can't stand working with him, or he doesn't wanna work with them. Racist, and, uh, homophobic. Problems like that."

Daniel's quote came when explaining something he said during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) back in December. Someone asked if he still hates Axl Rose, to which he simply responded, "He's a prick." However, Daniel quickly changed his tune, admitting that Rose seems to have calmed down over the years, and is aware that, if his career had followed the same path as Rose, he wouldn't be much different.

"He's chilled out," Daniel continued. "There was a very obnoxious phase for Axl Rose. I'm sure if I had experienced as much success as he had, I would probably be a third as obnoxious. I'd probably be obnoxious, too. But not that much."