Even though he's been gone for over three years now, the spirit of Ronnie James Dio is still all around us -- even in the parking lot of a hardware store in Akron, Ohio.

That's where we found this awesome license plate, which pays loud, proud and highly efficient, vowel-less tribute to Dio's 1983 debut album 'Holy Diver.' After coming to fame as the singer of Rainbow and then as Ozzy Osbourne's replacement in Black Sabbath, Dio struck out on his own with this landmark record, which features 'Rainbow in the Dark' and the classic title track.

We wanted to stick around, try and meet the owner of the car, maybe see if they wanted to grab a beer and discuss whether 'Heaven and Hell' or 'Mob Rules' was the better album, but alas, the workday beckoned. In retrospect, we should have gone back into the store, commandeered the public address system and started singing 'The Last in Line' until they revealed themselves. Maybe next time!