You don't turn 66 every day, even if you're a guitar god -- so in that spirit, David Gilmour is celebrating his 66th today (March 6) by giving a gift to his fans. Sure, it's a gift most of them probably already have, but it's the thought that counts, right?

The party's going down over at Gilmour's official site, where the former Pink Floyd frontman is offering a free download and stream of 'A Pocketful of Stones,' a track from his latest studio album, 'On an Island.'

Keeping with the theme of sixes, 'On an Island' was released six years ago today, going on to top the charts in Gilmour's native UK and breaking the top 10 Stateside. Followed two years later by 'Live in Gdansk,' it remains the most recent collection of new material from the decidedly non-prolific Gilmour, although he did collaborate with the Orb on their 'Metallic Spheres' album last year, and has shared the stage on several occasions with his former Floyd sparring partner, Roger Waters.

Here's hoping Mr. Gilmour has a fine birthday at whichever castle or private island he's currently relaxing in -- and if you don't already own 'On an Island,' enjoy your free taste of the album right here.