In the most obvious sign yet that we'll all be subject to the rule of artificially intelligent overlords one day, here's a clip of Compressorhead expertly tearing into Black Sabbath.

The robot band – seen in the above video performing (what else?) "Iron Man" – has its own web site featuring a countdown clock to their debut album. Due next week, the forthcoming project will include studio performances by band members Fingers, Bones and Stickboy as they present new original songs created by John Wright, best known for his work with the Hanson brothers.

Stickboy, a four-armed robot who uses compressed air to play drums, was created in 2007. Fingers began playing the E-Guitar Gibson Flying V in 2009; Junior, who handles high-hat duties, followed the same year. Compressorhead's newest member is Bones, built with eight fingers in 2012 to work a Fender Precision Bass.

By the way, this isn't the first time these full-metal metalheads have shown classic rock fans a thing or two. Remember when Stickboy – complete with a mohawk, of course – expertly took over Tommy Ramone's spot for the Ramones' 1976 anthem "Blitzkreig Bop"?

There's more, actually – much more. Go here for an entire concert by Compressorhead, held last year in Moscow. Fast forward to September in Milan, and Courtney Love could be found giving a celebrity introduction to Compressorhead, who now have some 23,000 fans on Facebook.

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