He's a child prodigy who helped pioneer a new form of rock as leader of a highly influential band from the '70s. Can you recognize him from this yearbook photo?

We realize this image doesn't offer a good look at this young man's face, so we'll give you more clues than usual. This picture is from the 1967 yearbook of Charles F. Brush High School in Lyndhurst, Ohio, and shows our hero performing as a member of the Sounds of Silence.

Our mystery rocker was adept at music at such a young age that his parents enrolled him in a musical institute at the age of two (!). Years later, he had a big string of hits as a member of one of the most beloved power pop bands in the land, and followed that up with a string of solo smashes. Think you know who we're talking about? Click the link below to find out if you're right!