Could Bruce Springsteen really get elected Governor of New Jersey? Well, in a scene reminiscent of when Clint “Go ahead...make my day” Eastwood became mayor of a small California town, a recent voter survey indicates 'The Boss' could actually win an election for the state's highest office.

It's not a huge stretch – after all, hasn't Springsteen virtually been the president of New Jersey for several decades anyway? Certainly the Jersey love for their favorite son is widespread and well-known.

Now, as Rolling Stone reports, a hypothetical survey by Public Policy Polling reveals that the dissatisfaction with current Republican governor Chris Christie has reached such an extreme that if Springsteen were to enter the race today, he would start out with an even split of the possible vote, tied at 42 percent with Christie.

Above that, Springsteen would also launch with a higher public approval rating, rated at a support level of 50%.

Rolling Stone notes that it's unlikely that Springsteen would enter the governor's race, but he has been a vocal critic of Christie's work, writing a letter earlier this year to the Asbury Park-Press, attacking Christie's budget cuts.

We'd rather have "The Boss" making music – remember the drought of movies from Arnold Schwarznegger when he became governor of California? But could it happen? Sure, it could – and it's speculation like this that starts the idea wheels turning. It is kind of fun to think of the possibility of "Little" Steven sitting as Springsteen's right hand man somewhere besides a concert stage.

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