Founding Kiss drummer Peter Criss turns 66 today (Dec. 20) and to celebrate we're going to talk about his best songs with the legendary band. Specifically, we're gonna let you pick your favorite.

Criss sang two of the band's biggest hits, the crossover ballads 'Beth' and 'Hard Luck Woman,' but don't forget he also took the lead on the mighty set-closing 'Black Diamond' and fan favorites such as 'Baby Driver' and 'Hooligan.'

In our recent interview with Peter, he shared fond remembrances about one of the band's earliest albums, 'Hotter Than Hell,' which featured his borderline psychedelic vocal work on the mind-bending 'Strange Ways.' That track has always been one of our favorites, too, so of course we included it among the candidates, along with 'Dirty Livin', 'Nothin' to Lose' and many more. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Happy voting and happy birthday, Catman!