An ultra-rare 'Beatles VI' in-store promotional poster recently sold at an eBay auction for $6,300. This could very well be the rarest Beatles promo poster in the world. Seventeen bids were placed before the 20x28 inch rarity sold late last month.

"Beatles VI Is Here!" is printed in block letters across the top of the black-and-white photo of the Fab Four, with album art of the first five records printed along the bottom edge. In perfect promo fashion, each pictured record has its catalog number underneath it.

The classic hit album (Capitol Records (S) T-2358) poster was graded in "Very Good ++" condition, with only a few creases and light fading to the print. The poster boasts that the Beatles are "The World's Most Popular Foursome," while the headline is directly aimed at the young-adult buyer: "The Perfect Gift For The June Grad!"

Paper collectibles are very difficult to maintain, so the fact that this 46-year-old print went up for sale without damage is a rarity in itself. It looks like the original owner of this poster was the smartest June graduate of all.