Coats worn by George Harrison and Ringo Starr on the cover of the Beatles' 1965 album 'Help!' will be available to the highest bidder. The auction will take place at Liverpool's Adelphi Hotel on March 20, the 50th anniversary of the U.K. release of their global smash 'Can't Buy Me Love.'

According to Omega Auctions, the jackets (shown on George and Ringo above) came directly from the private collection of Richard Lester, who directed the group in 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Help!' In addition to being worn on the cover, they were featured in the movie 'Help!' during the scenes filmed in the Austrian Alps.

"A hell of a lot of pot was being smoked while we were making the film," Ringo said in 'Anthology.' "That helped make it a lot of fun. In one of the scenes, Victor Spinetti and Roy Kinnear are playing curling: sliding along those big stones. One of the stones has a bomb in it and we find out that it's going to blow up, and have to run away. Well, Paul and I ran about seven miles, we ran and ran, just so we could stop and have a joint before we came back. We could have run all the way to Switzerland. If you look at pictures of us you can see a lot of red-eyed shots; they were red from the dope we were smoking."

"As Beatles clothing goes these have got to be amongst the Holy Grail for any Beatles collector," said auctioneer Paul Fairweather. "They feature on one of their most recognizable album covers and I have a feeling these could really fly off the block! The coats are tailored and very stylish and if I had the money to afford them I would wear them without hesitation."

NME reports that the items are expected to bring in between £50-70,000 ($82-115,000).