Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler is a busy man! Aside from trying to finish the band's long-awaited new album and recovering from two broken teeth in a bathtub mishap, he is also getting in gear for another round of that American pastime of "yay or nay" known as 'Americn Idol.'

2012 will be the show's 11th season, and the second as a judge for Mr. Tyler. Despite clutches of die-hard Aerosmith fans cursing the television show and all it stands for (Editor's note: please everybody stop watching these shows so we can have our nights back), it has certainly upped Steven's standing in the celebrity game. If he wasn't exactly a household name, or brand name if you will, to those outside of the rock world he is now.

Though many assumed the show would stumble and fall (insert bathtub joke here) with the departure of the notorious Simon Cowell, Tyler's folksy yet ballsy presence on the show seems to have kept it afloat and even thriving. The series reported huge numbers of viewers last season.

Great, and we're happy for him, but speaking as music lovers: Those toys in the attic ain't getting any younger, and the rats in the cellar are getting restless as the seasons of wither are looming, so you gotta think it's about time to draw the line. Okay, that's enough cliches. We know Aerosmith's next album is due in the spring of 2012 and we just can't wait to hear it.

Watch Steven Tyler in the 'American Idol' Season 11 Preview Commercial