He's written his own tell-all memoir, so you'd think that former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley wouldn't have to deal with false or misleading information on his Wikipedia page. As it turns out, however, there are a few stories that need to be set straight -- and Frehley did the straightening during a recent edition of Loudwire's 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' series.

This latest segment, which you can watch via the embedded video at the top of this post, is the second of Frehley's two-part sitdown with site (you can see the first one here). The discussion focuses on his years with Kiss, and although those were a long time ago, you might still come away from watching these clips with some surprising new information -- including which big-name session drummer was a member of the band for one day and which of Frehley's songs was inspired by a high-speed chase involving a dinged-up DeLorean and the White Plains, N.Y. police department.

Also covered: the extent of Frehley's involvement in the band's oft-derided 'Music from the Elder' concept album, which song on 'Psycho Circus' is the only one to feature all the original members of Kiss, and what it was like to play his final gig with the group during the closing ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Check it all out right here -- and then listen to Frehley's new single, 'Gimme a Feelin',' from his upcoming 'Space Invader' LP.

Watch Ace Frehley Talk About 'Space Invader'